Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning

Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning

Noreen Bedford is a retired registered nurse and a Facilitated  Equine Experiential Learning Practitioner. Otherwise  known as FEEL ®️ ,  FEEL is a registered trademark of Horse Spirit Connections and used with permission. She is the owner of Willow Springs Horse Connections where she facilitates  grounded horse activities using the FEEL approach. 

She attended  Horse Spirit Connections and was certified in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning in 2018 and received her advanced training in 2019 which focuses on a deeper spiritual connection between horse and humans. Her mission is to assist individuals to navigate through their own personal journey of healing and personal growth.  With the support of horses, Noreen has supported individuals to heal after loss, improve emotional resilience and strengthen boundaries.

Noreen’s story ….

When someone asks what is your passion I shout HORSES!!!..over 20 years experience owning, riding, grooming and mucking stalls. I found it  does not matter if the activity is in the barn or walking in the field with these majestic animals, just being in their presence  is always a place of peace and comfort  where no words are needed.

Tragedy struck In 2017 with the loss of my daughter Sarah  and then  in 2020 the unimaginable loss of my son Peter. Life as I knew changed forever.

The pain of losing a child is gut wrenching and almost unbearable, but two is unthinkable. I found whenever I emerged from chores in the barn or a visit with horses I felt a sense of peace and my heart lighter. It was a place of solitude and led me to an inner awareness where I could honour my loss and feelings, tears began to flow easily, releasing the sadness and emotional pain that  I was holding so tightly. I felt my heart opening. My horses would walk up and stand by me, holding that space, no judgement, no words. It was in that space that I felt the healing power of the horse. I began to research Equine Assisted Therapy and how I could facilitate nature based therapy to others as I had personally felt the benefits.

When we are able to understand the deepest language of our souls we can let go of feelings or thoughts no longer serve us and build  a pathway for healing and transformation. Thus began the start of my healing journey with my horses as partners and teachers.

Willow Springs Horse Connections provides a compassionate safe space in nature , the field or barn is the classroom ,the horse is your partner and teacher. My herd has grown to six beautiful horses and each one has their own story, personality, strength and wisdom to share.

Explore the possibility of horse human connection, and FEEL the magic.

To learn more or book a session contact :

Email: noreen@willowsprings.horse or txt/call 905-323-5423